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Methodology for Measurement of Learning in Learning Analytics

6 March 2018

Who can attend this workshop?

  • researchers from learning analytics

  • researchers from educational measurement

  • key stakeholders such as policy makers and public officials

  • anyone who has the interests of improving trustworthiness, validity, reliability, utility and interpretability of analytics used in assessment and measurement of learning.

Ways to participate:

You can participate in the Measurement Analytics workshop in two ways:

  • As contributor responding to the call, see more information here.

  • As a participant without any contributions but interested in knowledge sharing and participation in the discussions at the workshop. A Workshop Program can be found here.

Welcome to the Measurement Analytics workshop


This workshop focusses on the methodology of learning analytics, as it relates to developing or using metrics for learning and learning-related constructs. During the workshop, participants and expert discussants from two specialist fields – learning analysts and educational measurement – will review a number of papers which involve measures of learning or related constructs. A knowledge-building process will be used to synthesise ‘best practice’ methodological principles derived from presentations and discussants. The discussion will focus on how best to abstract meaning from learning data, which may include examination of assumptions about the nature of learning, how learning can be detected and understood, what the term ‘measured’ means, how data adequacy is ensured and data modeling conducted, and what standards of proof are required to verify the utility and interpretability of findings. The workshop is expected to provide a framework for a new sub-field entitled 'Measurement Analytics'. More background information about this new field can be found here.


We intend to use this website to facilitate discussion and interaction in this developing community. The accepted abstracts and artifacts will be made available for the participants on this site a week before the workshop starts.

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